Tips For Moving

Moving is an easy task, unorganized and unplanned moving is what makes it a tedious job. In this article, we cover all the tips which make moving a simple and easy to carry out process. Our team and has spent hours making moving a more efficient and manageable process. You can implement all the tips which we have given here on your own or you can connect with our experts who have helped thousands of people in moving, packing, and unpacking. These tips work whether you are moving local, state or even international. So without further ado, let us begin.

Organize the move early

One minute of planning can save you 10 minutes in execution. It is always better to be ready for the situations than to make last minute arrangements. In most cases, people have around 4-8 weeks before they have to move. We will utilize this time to plan every task beforehand so that you can move out smoothly.

Pro-moving Tasks

  • Inform all the necessary companies about your moving so that they can change your address to the latest one. Make sure that you alert your post office, insurance companies, bank, your office and other important people about your change of address at least two weeks before your moving day.
  • If you have toddlers or kids at home, you will need somebody who can babysit them while you organize and pack your belongings. You can ask a relative or hire a professional babysitter.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Items

Over the years, we buy and collect so many things which you might not need in your new home. Be very critical of all the items whether they are clothing, toys, books, and furniture or home décor stuff. Preliminary decluttering highly impacts the overall efficiency as you will have less to pack, load and unpack. 

Now, we do understand that some people have a hard time getting rid of things which were once very important to them. But it is an important step and you must think logically rather than emotionally. 

  • Set aside stuff to sell – There will be some items in your home which you don’t necessarily want to carry to your new location and have some value. Usually, these items are furniture, collectibles, purses, sports items, home décor items, etc. You can set up a yard sale or sell these items online to lighten the load and make up some cash.  
  • Donate – There is no point in picking, packing and relocating items which you are probably never going to use. Items like old clothes, toys, books, blankets can be donated to various charities. You will have less stuff to pack and also feel good as you will be helping someone in need.

Sort Things By Category

  • We have found that organizing things by categories is the most efficient and stress-free tactic. Instead of cleaning out your rooms one by one, you choose one category and then start organizing and packing. 

    For example, you can start with clothing. Pile up all the clothing in of your home in a single room and then pack the ones which you need and get rid of the ones which you don’t. Once you are done with clothing, you can move on to books, accessories, etc.

    • Packing Electronics -Always try to pack your electronic items in their original boxes. If you do not have the original boxes, buy bubble wrap, quilted blankets, and sturdier boxes to pack your electronic items for protecting them from getting damaged.
    • Label your boxes – Do not forget to put up a sticker or label on the boxes which will help you greatly when you unpack them. Make sure that you label the sides of the boxes also as you would not be able to see the top once the boxes are stacked inside the truck or van.
    • Packing dishes – If you want to keep using your same dishes in your new home, ensure that you pack them vertically and not horizontally inside a box with bubble wrap. 
    • Stop buying groceries – Buy limited groceries which you will utilize before the moving day. Do not forget to defrost your refrigerator at least one day before your moving day.

Contact The Best Moving Company

Research and book the top moving company in Anne Arundel County your area. Your moving experience largely depends on the moving company which you choose. Go through the reviews and rating that other users have posted and take your time in choosing a moving company. 

 We have helped thousands of our clients in moving effortlessly across the Anne Arundel County and its neighbors. You can contact our team to move swiftly and safely with all your belongings.

 Also, it is very important that you inform your mover about access limitations like a narrow driveway, small elevator or any overweight item like Pool table, Piano that you are planning to carry with you. Your mover can plan accordingly and get heavy machinery to do the work.

Moving Day

  • The day has finally arrived and you can relax as we have packed all the necessary items in their respective boxes, all the authorities are informed about your move, the babysitter is taking care of your kids and pets, you have an essential bag to function for a couple of days and your mover has all the important information regarding heavy items. 

    Be ready with some cold drinks, snacks and a big smile on your face because loading is a tiring task and everyone appreciates a cold drink on hot summer days. 

    Remember to take photos of your empty home before you leave it so that you cannot be blamed for any damage that you have not caused.