Shifting to a new place? Must be excited. But this excitement comes with a lot of responsibility and of course, a lot of discomforts. When you are moving to a new city (or neighbourhood), need to store goods temporarily may arise due to any reason before being unloaded at the point of destination. Imagine yourself in a situation when you are all set to move in your new house but then for some reason, your builder informs you to wait for some time as your new house is not yet ready to welcome you. Now you are stuck with your stuff and this is common with most of the moves. This is when Storage-in-transit comes into play.

What is Storage-in-transit?

Storage-in-transit means storing of goods with some intermediary with the aim of reshipping those at the destination. The whole process is completed within the period prescribed by the party for some charges or fees.

This is done by putting all the packed cartons in the containers securely. All those cartons are kept in a warehouse temporarily till the time you are ready to take them.

Do these storage providers even take care?

Your concern is right. You are handing over your precious items to someone. Will he even take care? Well for that you must know about the services which the service provider provides. Some of the general services are:

  • RV storage.
  • Motorcycle storage.
  • Boat storage.
  • Secure outdoor storage option.
  • Air-conditioned storage option.
  • Climate control storage option.
  • Provision for 24/7 self-storage

Why do we need Storage-in-Transit?

As already discussed, there may be any reason why you need such storage. Some of the reasons are:

  • You are ready to move out of your old house, but your new house is not ready yet to move in.
  • If you are staying in a temporary house because of any reason, then these storage houses will help you store your items for the time you are not ready to move into your new house.
  • It is much safe and easy to put your belongings in one of such storage houses than to move with it.
  • If you have no idea about the time you need to store your stuff, then storage in transit is a good option for you to store your items indefinitely.
  • Simply Moving Anne Arundel provides the option of storage. We will keep your belongings safe and will allow you to get those delivered at your ease. Some find it safer to store items with the movers rather than hiring another provider.

How does this work?

  • The service provider will keep your items in secure containers at a warehouse.
  • Perishable items are kept in storage facilities according to the temperature required to prevent such items from ruining.
  • Furniture and other breakable stuff are kept in a specially designed rack to protect those from dust and any scratches.
  • These items are kept until you are ready to take delivery of them.
  • Some providers even provide for international services.

Charges involved

How you will be charged depends upon a lot of factors such as:

  • Duration: Storage providers will charge you according to the duration of your storage. The longer the duration, the more the cost.
  • Items to be stored: The cost also depends upon the number of items. The cost is directly proportional to space your belongings occupy in the warehouse.
  • Distance: Distance also plays a vital role in the determination of charges.

Do the homework and act diligently

It is advisable to put items on storage in transit unit well in advance. Prepare a list of items you want to put on storage in the transit unit. Heavy and large items such as furniture should be kept in storage units. It makes it easy to carry out paperwork. Making a list helps you determine the items you want to carry with you, and the items you want to send to storage

Avoid these

  • While packing your stuff for storage, avoid committing these mistakes.
    • Not wrapping properly: People often commit the mistake of poor wrapping or wrapping the items in newspapers. Do not wrap in newspapers. The ink of the newspaper will ruin all your stuff by smudging. Some might get ruined beyond the level of repairs. Use Bubble wrap or Butcher’s paper instead.
    • Storing food: Storing of food will result in the spoiling of food. Do not store any edible item. It will be a treat for pests. You do not want to eat rice or corn which were stored for 6 months.
    • Forgetting to label the boxes: You might end up storing wrong items if do not label the boxes. Always put a label on the boxes so that right stuff ends up at a right place.
    • Not taking insurance of the items: Another mistake often people commit is not insuring the items. Storage providers will not be responsible for the loss, theft, etc. of your items and you will end up losing the money from both the hands. Save money, but wisely. It should be your state of mind.

    Choosing money over safety:  People end up doing this mistake. It is always tempting to save some money. But you should not compromise quality over money. A secure facility is worth paying a little more.