Moving with Children

Whenever you discuss moving with your family, you get a whole lot of mixed responses. Some members of the family are happy while the fact of leaving the familiar neighborhood disturbs others. Kids are the hardest to explain the moving to a new neighborhood or to a new state. You have to make them understand the fact that moving is for the greater good. When moving to another place, you must prepare them for what to expect, pay attention to their concerns. While preparing to move, you can add a sense of adventure to the whole process of moving. You can let the best Moving Company in Anne Arundel County and Pasadena Maryland take care of the moving process while you have fun with your kids.

First, we need to understand why kids show so many tantrums while moving to a new place. It is the fear of a new place and people which make them act ignoramus.

To make the moving kids-friendly, here are some tips you may follow:

  • Time Management: Most of the times, the moving is driven by circumstances which are inevitable. However, you must try to time the movement plan. Checkout our Moving Checklist which is a complete plan which you can use to move efficiently and happily. You should try your best to remain the kids calm. You should take into consideration the complete timetable of your kids. School schedule, sleeping patterns, and potty training should be given due regard.
  • Feedback of kids is very important: Always take the feedback from the kids of the new house. If possible, take them to the new house before moving. After all, they will also be living there, and you do not want to disappoint them while giving a surprise. Keep the kids posted with the whole process of moving.
  • Clear the clutter: Make yourself and your kids understand that now is the time to get rid of the unnecessary things. While preparing to move you will come across a plethora of items that you do not need but are stuck to them because of emotions. This results in a mess in your garage. Tell them that “it is Okay to keep certain items” but not all of them.
  • Unfettered communication: You might not notice but kids understand family circumstances more than the adults or simply put – parents. Fear of moving will surround the kids which is inevitable. The best solution is to involve them in conversations. In this way, you would make the kids aware of the new neighborhood by answering questions and would be able to avoid their mood swings. Small talks are scientifically proven to be mood lightener.
  • Make it an adventure for them: The best thing you can do is to make the whole shifting process an adventure or a fun activity. It is highly recommended that you keep the kids always enthusiastic. Show them their new school. Involve them into a trip to the unfamiliar neighborhood to make it more familiar. 

Even before moving to the new house show them the pictures of their new house. Point out all the plus points of the new house such as décor, backyard, and activities which the new community offers. In this way, you make the kids more curious to move to the new place.

Moreover, you should take the kids to the outdoor trips in the new neighborhood. Show them the restaurants in the area, fun parks and other points of attraction to make them excited about the new place.

  • Involve them in the whole process: They would never show tantrums if they have no time for them. Best way to do this is to involve them by giving any work they might be interested in such as packing their own stuff. You could make this more fun by making it a game of treasure hunt. People of all ages love treasure hunts. This way they will be involved and helpful too.

You can take your kids’ help in organizing a moving sale. This will be like hitting two birds with one stone. First, you will engage the kids and secondly, this will help in sorting through everything.

  • Make rooms plans with your kids: While making the plans for rooms in new homes, do not forget your kids’ room. It will be great if you involve them in making designs for new rooms. When they are given a chance to décor their new rooms, they will be more excited than furious about moving to a new home.
  • Labeling is important: Do not forget to label the boxes. Label all of them. Especially, label those which have your kids’ stuff. Always keep one or two toys handy which your kids have to play with “right now”. Do not mess up the kids’ stuff. Include specific details about the contents of the respective boxes. Always remember to keep the necessities handy.
  • Unpacking protocol: Do not panic. While doing it, unpack the necessities first. Then the stuff you want to unpack is that of kids’. It will keep their temper cool and would leave little or no space for them to complain about.
  • Do not shy in taking others’ help: If you feel like taking help from others, ask for it. It provides entertainment which could be useful. If you have any friend or family, ask for their help in taking care of your kids. Even a few kids-free hours would be of great help.
  • Farewells leave an impression: It is not easy to say goodbye to anyone for anyone. When the kids have to do this, it becomes very hard for them too. You can make it less hard by throwing a party to the friends and family. In this way, they could meet their friends one last time before moving to a new place. They can exchange their emails and new phone numbers through this get-together. This gives the sense to maintain their old friendships.