Moving Checklist

One minute in planning can save ten minutes in execution. Most people consider moving a tedious and complex task. But you will be surprised how smoothly you can move out if you start preparing for it a little early on. We have created this awesome checklist using which you stay on track and get work done. With the help of this list and our moving experts, you will be ready for the moving day with enough time to say goodbyes to your close ones.

Two Months Before Moving

Sort & Purge

  • First things first, start from a room and evaluate each item whether you will need it in your new home or not. Be very critical of all items as usually people get carried away and start packing everything.
  • Now, repeat this step with all the rooms, dining area, garage, kitchen, and attic. 
  • Set up a yard sale to sell the things which you do not want to carry with you. 
  • You can also donate the clothes or items that you do not need to charities.  
  • Make a note of all the fragile items which will require special packing like your TV, Vases, Mirrors, etc. You can also get extra insurance coverage for these items.

Find The Best Moving Company

  • Research, Research, and Research until you find the best moving company. Ask for recommendations from your family, friends, and colleagues. In most cases, people will recommend Anne Arundel Movers as we are the best in the industry. 
  • Call the movers and ask for a written estimate for moving to your target location. 
  • We believe in transparency and Customer satisfaction, therefore, we provide on-site estimates which are highly accurate and you will not run into any unpleasant surprises. 
  • Ensure that your estimate has USDOT number on it if you are planning to move to a different state. 

Create a Moving binder

  • Get a binder and utilize it to keep track of all the events, to-do list, contact number of your movers, receipts, estimates, and inventory of all your belongings. You can use this inventory while you are unpacking to ensure that you are not missing a single item.

Six Weeks Before Moving

Order Supplies

  • Purchase all the supplies which you will need for packing and labeling your things. Some of the most important supplies include Tape, Bubble Wrap, Markers, Boxes, Containers, etc.

Take Measurements

  • Get a measuring tape and check room dimensions in your new home. Make sure all your large furniture, Home Décor and other big items can fit through the doors and hallways. 
  • Also, check if these items can be easily loaded onto the truck and there is enough space in the driveway. Otherwise, get in touch with your moving coordinator so that they can figure out a way for you.

One Month Before Moving

Start Packing 

  • The time has for you to start packing all of your things. Begin with the items which you will not be used for the next few weeks like extra clothes, croquet set, toast maker, etc. 
  • If you have plants in your home which you want to carry, contact your moving coordinator. 
  • Also, you cannot pack any flammables, guns and ammunition, aerosols, and bottles gas as it is prohibited. 
  • Mark and label each box to save your time while unpacking them. Make sure that you label the sides of your boxes as the top part will be covered once they are stacked inside the truck.

Separate Valuables 

  • Put all of your valuables like jewelry, files, personal identification documents, and estimate in a single box separate from all the other boxes. You can carry this box with you in your car. 

Do A Change Of Address

  • Notify your bank, local post office, the HR department of your office, Credit Card Company, insurance and other utility companies about your new address.
  • Go to your kid’s school and ask them to transfer all of your kid’s records to their new schools. 
  • Get your medical records and remember to forward them to your new health-care provider.

Two Weeks Before Moving

Unsubscribe Services

Get rid of all the services like magazines, internet, and cable/satellite. You can also request your local service provider to transfer your subscriptions to your new address.

  • Return all or any item that you may have borrowed from your family, friends, neighbors or libraries. 
  • Cancel your current trash removal and recycling services and set them up for your new home.
  • Clean out your lockers from your school, college, gym and community center.
  • Change your address on your car registration and insurance and update it to your new address.

One Week Before Moving

Things For The Road

  • Take a printout of maps and also save it on your phones.
  • Pack snacks, medicines, games, flashlight and other important things for carrying in your car.
  • Remember to put your valuables in your car trunk.

Pack Essentials

Prepare a bag or a suitcase which will contain a few of your Clothes, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Soap, Sanitizers, etc. This bag should be sufficient for you to function a couple of days.

House Cleaning

  • Ensure that all gasoline-powered items are drained.
  • Remember to drain the water hoses in your garden and backyard.
  • Defrost your refrigerator and clean it.
  • Get rid of any garbage or debris left behind.
  • Make sure that all sinks, tubs, toilets and counters are neat and clean.
  • Clean all the floors and do not forget to mop them.
  • Take photos of your home so that you cannot be blamed for any damages to the property that were not caused by you after you leave the property. If possible, ask your landlord to come and check the property.

One Week Before Moving


  • Contact your moving company to make sure everything is going perfect on their side and verify their arrival time. 
  • In case, you have not arranged to pay the moving company, now is the time. Ask them how they would like to receive the payment – credit card, check and then plan accordingly.  
  • Contact a babysitter for tomorrow if you have toddlers or pets as you may not have enough time for them. 

Moving Day

  • Verify that the truck has the same USDOT number printed on it which was mentioned in the estimate.
  • Make sure these people are from the moving company and not some scammers.
  • Keep a count of all the boxes which are getting stacked in the truck and ensure that no box gets left behind.
  • Offer the movers some refreshments and snacks.
  • Get a copy of the lading/inventory list.
  • If you are satisfied with the services, you can tip the workers. 15 percent of the total fee is considered a good tip.