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Moving furniture is a big move and it is a risky business if you do not know what you are doing. We know that you dearly love your furniture and you will do anything to protect them from getting scratches or bumps. Use the techniques that we have given in this article to protect your back and your furniture.

However, if you are short on time or need professional help, we recommend that you contact the Anne Arundel County Movers as we are the top-rated professionals and we can help you move hassle-free. Our team is well-equipped with the right tools and skills to ensure the safety of your furniture while handling and transportation.

Packing & Wrapping

Well packed and wrapped furniture is less likely to get any sort of damage to it during transportation and unloading. Purchase moving supplies like Bubble wrap, Shipping tape, Packing paper, etc. to pack your furniture. You can also use crushed newspaper and old clothes to fill up the empty spaces between your furniture so that they can’t move during transit.

Make sure that you pad wrap all your furniture with hardwood surfaces to avoid any scuffs or mars. But do not forget that you also need to protect the surfaces of your home while moving your furniture. Our team at Anne Arundel Moving protects your home by utilizing protective coverings on stairways and doorways. You can also use cardboard runners for the same purpose.

Bigger pieces of furniture have to be dismantled first so that you can pack them. Remember to keep all the dismantled pieces together so that you can reassemble them easily in your new home. Anne Arundel Movers are extra cautious when packing delicate furniture like vases and lamps. Based on the size of the lamp, we decide whether it will be safer in a carton or pad-wraps. Extra protective material is utilized while packing lampshades as they are more fragile.

Avoid Furniture Moving Dangers

Disregarding the major safety tips can land you in hospital and your furniture in a cheap yard sale. Luckily, these tips for moving heavy furniture are very easy to follow and your moving experience will be a pleasant one. 

  • Decide the path for carrying your heavy furniture and identify any area, place or spot which can cause a problem. Now, try to make these spots safer and be extra cautious when you are carrying the furniture around these spots.
  • We cannot stress this enough – ensure that the pathways are clear from any obstacles, boxes, clutter and sharp objects. You do not want to trip on a toy while carrying your beautiful piano.
  • Make sure that area around your moving truck or van is clear and free from dust, mud, and ice. Slipping while carry a heavy item can cause major health issues for you.
  • Ask a friend or family member to instruct you when you do not have a clear view of the path and in narrow spaces.

Get The Right Equipment

  • Top Moving Companies like Anne Arundel Movers & Packers bring equipment like ramps, dollies, furniture slide straps which make moving heavy furniture a safer process for both you and the furniture. In case, you are planning to move the heavy furniture on your own, do not forget to rent or purchase the following equipment:

    • A furniture dolly – An L-shaped handcraft with two wheels which can carry your furniture smoothly and safely. It is a highly important tool for moving as it makes the whole process more efficient and effective. You can rent a furniture dolly from a local moving company or hardware store. 
    • Furniture slides – These are exactly what the name suggests – a slide for your furniture. Furniture slides are made from high-quality plastic on one side and rugged rubber on the other which helps in stabilizing the slide. Take a furniture slide and put it under each leg or corner of the furniture and then easily slide it to the destination.
    • Moving straps – Designed to spread the weight of heavy furniture onto a stronger muscle group – Moving straps can you help in carrying your lovely furniture with ease. Moving straps are rarely available to be sold but you can contact a local moving company and ask if they can rent you one.

Ask For Help

Moving heavy furniture is not something which can be done by a single person with ease, it is best to get all the help that you can unless you intentionally want to run into a disaster. You can always contact Anne Arundel Moving Company for all your moving and relocating needs. But if you want to do it on your own, make sure you have sufficient manpower. Ask your family, friends, colleague or neighbors for their valuable assistance.  

Remember to ask your friends in advance so that they can make the necessary changes in their respective schedules to help you out.

Use Proper Lifting Techniques

  • Proper lifting techniques will not only protect you from any injury but also your furniture from any damage. Do a little warm-up routine as you are going to do a lot of pushing, pulling, bending and lifting heavy items. Make sure that you use these techniques to stay free from any injury:

    • Remember to always lift heavy furniture from your legs first and spare your lower back. Make sure that you bend your knees a little while keeping your back straight and then use the strength of your legs to lift the furniture.
    • It is always better to push the furniture than to pull it. But remember to use the furniture sliders underneath the furniture before pushing.
    • Use your legs instead of your hips to turn while carrying a heavy piece of furniture. 
    • Carry the furniture as close to your body as possible.
    • Do not rush while carrying furniture as the possibility of tipping over is always there. Take small and slow steps to avoid any accident.
    • If you do not have a clear view of the path, ask for help from a friend or family member.